Did You Watch? VH1’s Behind The Music: Fantasia

photo by: whiotv.com

Tuesday night was the premiere of Fantasia’s “Behind the Music.”  It included info about her life before and after “American Idol,” including her recent suicide attempt.

I have to admit that I was out of the country (studying abroad) when her season of Idol was on, so I kind of missed all the hype about her.  I’ve still always been interested in her story: high school dropout overcomes abuse and teen pregnancy to rise to super stardom!  That’s amazing, no matter what.

The main reason that I wanted to watch, of course, was to find out about why she would ever have wanted to end her life.  I’ve watched her reality show a couple of times, and it’s clear that she’s got some family disfunction.  I missed the whole scandal with her and that married guy, though, so for me this whole story came out of nowhere.  After watching, I’m convinced that Fantasia was probably driven crazy by her family.

This really spoke to me as a performer.  As everyone knows, this business is quite often a total nightmare.  Without the proper support, the constant criticism, and being taken advantage of takes a toll.  Most people don’t see their personal and professional failures broadcast on TV, but many performers do.

I’m nothing special just yet, but am I prepared for that?  I’m not so sure.  Most of us start in this career because we have a passion for performing, not to have our lives dissected in tabloids.  But in 2010, can you really expect to be successful in the industry and escape media scrutiny?  I really hope that Fantasia finds the support she needs, and that she can get her life back on track.  We do this job because it’s fun and to escape all the drama, not bring it on.

So, did you watch “Behind the Music?”  Can an entertainer make it without going bananas?


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