5 Benefits of Kissing

According to MSN and SELF Magazine, there are 5 additional benefits to kissing (besides the. . . uh. . . kissing).  Think about this next time you’re going full throttle:

1.  It boosts immunity.  You share a kiss, you share germs.  Help stave off cold and flu season by building up your tolerance to the little critters now!

2.  It busts stress.  Kissing makes your body release oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine- your body’s most powerful calming, mood boosting, and bonding chemicals.  That def explains why you feel super duper after a good makeout, even if your boss is pulling a Miranda Priestly.

3. It may ease allergies.  Major bonus, esp. if you are me.  Apparently, 30 minutes of face time slows down your histamine production.  (And if after 30 minutes of face sucking you’re still thinking about your allergies, you have bigger problems.)

4. It’s good for your teeth.  You make more saliva (why they call it swapin’ spit), which neutralizes cavity-causing acid and removes food particles (oh! you had lasagna for lunch? yum)

5.  It counts as a workout (sort of).  You burn 6 calories kissing.  So smooch away.  Then have that second cookie you’ve been pining over.  It’s fine.


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