Music Monday: Janelle Monae and Sia

New feature?  Um, no.  I’m just lazy and couldn’t think of another title for this post.  Unless you want it to be a new feature, then that’s cool.

First up, Sia.  You might know her as the amazeballs singer of “Breathe Me,” that song that played at the end of Six Feet Under.  Watch it here, and try not to think about “Intervention,” that other show that plays this song all the time.
Sia’s got a great new album out, We Are Born.  It’s a way more dance-y than her previous stuff, I think mostly because she’s dating JD Sampson from Le Tigre.  In any case, I cannot stop listening to it.  “Clap Your Hands” is my jam.  It will be my “dance around in my underwear” song for the rest of the year.  Trust.

I’m also obsessed with “You’ve Changed.” I’m warning you that it is ear crack, so don’t be mad at me if you’re humming it all day:

More music after the jump!
Next up, Janelle Monae.  You might remember her from Outkast’s movie Idlewild.  She was a  guest on several tracks, and even founded the Wondaland Arts Society (whatever that is) with Big Boi.  Her music bounces between Indie, Pop, Soul, and Hip Hop, but it’s always catchy and thought-provoking.  I think Monae is best on ArchAndroid when she’s got someone else on the track to balance her manic engery, but all the tracks are pretty funky!

Watch “Tightrope”

Must have tracks:  “Tightrope” feat. Big Boi
“Dance or Die” feat. Saul Williams
“Cold War”

You can grab both albums on iTunes now! Give ’em a listen and tell me what you thought.  What are you listening to now?


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