Awkward Celebrity Encounter: Robert Pattinson

Check out this vid I saw on X17. Seems like Robert Pattinson is definitely in the “celebrity circle of life.” It starts out all cute with the paps following your every move. They compliment you. They ask you how your day is. They fill up your gas tank. Then, slowly but surely they start to annoy the eff out of you. One of two things happens next: either you stay indoors and refrain from hitting up the clubs, or you freak out on them and go off the deep end, a la Lindsay Lohan.

Which one will Rob choose? The jury’s still out, but he does try to get the cops (who could really care less) involved.  My favorite part is the psycho fangirl young lady who asks him about. . . being a keynote speaker?  What the eff?  His face is priceless.

Homegirl missed a golden opportunity there. If I happened upon RPatz in an alley it would not go down like that.  I’m not sayin’ I’m just sayin’.


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