Practice Makes Perfect!

First off, two posts in one day?  I can’t believe it’s not butter!  Now to the good stuff. . .

Remember that little cabaret I was in way back in May?  Anyone? Well, I’ve finally gotten around to posting some rehearsal footage.  Check out the video below, our rehearsal of “The Facebook Song.”  It’s a song about Facebook, and it rules.

Around 1:45 is when the real musicality kicks in.  Bahahaha!  Just kidding.  We (read: probably me) effed up the harmony, but we pulled it together for the big day!

P.S. Our cabaret was called, “Just Another Day:  A Cabaret” and it was awesome.  And we gave the money to charity!  If you missed it, don’t cry- I’ll post some video from the performance nights ASAP!  Srsly, stop crying.  It’s embarrassing.


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