What Are You Reading?????

I’ve recently come up for air after three weeks reading a certain vampire saga.  (I know, I know)

Now that I’m done, I’ve decided to keep the momentum and move on to another book.  I’m currently reading Mishna Wolff’s hilarious “I’m Down”, a memoir about her experience growing up as a white girl in an all-black neighborhood.  It’s funny, but also kind of touching, and I can definitely relate as black girl in an all-asian state.  I’ll probably be done with it in a couple of days, so I wonder. . .

What are you reading?

Fill me in on your current literary obsessions, all-time faves, or wish-list books.  I’ve got a Borders Rewards Card and I’m not afraid to use it!  Pitch me some ideas, and I’ll update here to let you know what I read.  I’m into everything, so don’t hold back.

I’ve got one free month of reading to fill until “Mockingjay” comes out, so I can probably get three books in there.  My goal for the rest of the year is to always be in the midst of one- or two!- books.
Bring it!


And just because I find this is really bringing the LOLs right now. . .

This video is very NSFW.  The adult woman below is ENRAGED because someone leaked “Midnight Sun,” the next book in the Twilight Saga (from Edward’s POV) online. Swears and strange sounds follow.

Wonderful, snarky links courtesy Letters to Twilight.


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